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Maracaba BJJ is an elite Jiu-Jitsu program here in Arizona. Coach Andre is well respected within the Jiu-Jitsu commmunity. His program has been and continues to be highly sought after by many. With the opening of his 1st school this summer, July 2017, there has been much excitement.

Coach Andre and his team of coaches, Coach Clayton Carpenter and Coach Jake Watson bring forth together a dynamic team. Both Coach Clayton and Coach Jake have been training under Coach Maracaba for the past seven years. Both now Brown Belts under him with many competitive titles in Worlds, Brazilian Nationals, US Nationals, State and many more. Currently both Coach Clayton and Coach Jake are 2017 US National Brown Belt Gold Champions. They too, are well respected in the Jiu-Jitsu community. This team of coaches not only bring their amazing talent to the sport, but a passion and love for teaching. Giving of their knowledge learned, in a patient, yet fun innovative way. It's no wonder that the kids team and the adults team thrives and tops the AZ State competitions continually.

History of Andre Maracaba:

Coach Andre saw the benefits that came with practicing, competing in high level tournaments, and instructing. These entailed a whole lifestyle change for himself and his students which are strength in body and mind, self-discipline, self-awareness, self-esteem, health, fitness, team work, team building, family and so much more. In addition to his Jiu- jitsu he studied at University  in  Brazil in Physical Education, this too adding in his knowledge of the human body. Coach Andre Maracaba has a passion that is unmatched by many, the love he has for the sport is undeniable, and recognized by his colleagues and peers from all parts of the world. His loyalty, dedication and love for his students, is returned by all.
Andre Maracaba moved to the US in January 2004 from his hometown Fortaleza, Brazil as a brown belt. He received his black belt in July of that same year from his Coach Regis Lebre. Coach Andre's martial arts experience started at the young age of 3 in the art of Judo. During his training, and while ranking up to brown belt in Judo; Coach Andre was fascinated with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Knowing that at the time you needed to be 12 years old in order to start, he counted down the days, and started exactly on his 12 birthday. From there forward Coach Andre was hooked on Jiu-Jitsu, so much that he knew he wanted to do it everyday for the rest of his life. He realized that in order to do so, coaching would be the way to go for him. At first it started out with the idea in mind "doing jiu-Jitsu everyday", but then he soon realized the amazing life changing benefits that came with it. A whole new understanding of what the art form could bring to individuals was a new sophisticated way of thought for him. Assisting his coach down in Brazil at age 16 started to change into a beautiful transition from student to Professor over the course of time.


  1. Andre Maracaba
    Andre Maracaba
    Head Coach
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    Jake Watson